They say there is a time,
a place
close to life
sensitive and vulnerable
where here and now is a virtue.

I heard of a place where the stones whisper,
trees greet each other passing by
and a potpourri of vermin dances ineffable paths.

It is said that here the sky builds houses of cobwebs
and fire gives birth to new life.

It seems that there people shed their fur,
free in their vulnerable nakedness.

I will leave the dungeon that my head defines,
get rid of my skin,
greet the trees,
swim foolhardily in the paths.

Caspar Reuter


Hej my name is Caspar and I have been working as an artist in Cologne for a few years.  Some describe my work as creepy, both captivating and disturbing, but I’d rather leave that to you. I think it is most fruitful to follow your own story when looking at art. In my study I discovered silicone as a fascinating material to create sculptures and try to expand the boundaries here again and again. I mould with colour and paint with matter. The works feel quite different than expected and create uncertainty. The dark sides of coexistence, shadowy areas of society fascinate me. Curiosities and the bizarre attract me and shaped my aesthetic sensibilities. Out of a deep humanity, I dissect my surroundings, create atmospheres and place things in new contexts of meaning. Work that alludes and leaves room for own narratives. Even though I usually start from a concrete, conscious idea, the intuitive, unconscious becomes more and more important in the process of creating. I want to express what can’t be said, and ultimately, I struggle with my own demons with my art. Creating art is also a journey and search for me, where I can discover new things without accepting limitations in advance. I like travelling, experiments, the night and chocolate, caffeine anyway.